As a dividend index pioneer and category leader, we offer robust and time-tested indices that are suitable for a variety of applications. Our dividend indices are designed to help investors achieve their income goals by measuring the performance of strategies that seek to deliver high yield or stable payouts.

Why Dividends?

A source of higher yield when compared to traditional fixed income yields
Upside potential when equity markets experience upward trends
Inflation protection with dividend growth surpassing the rate of inflation historically
Favorable tax treatment in many geographies

Some equity-based dividend strategies have historically offered several benefits.

Aligning Dividend Income with ESG

The S&P ESG Dividend Aristocrats Indices focus on both dividends and ESG, combining what’s often considered a traditional barometer of companies’ financial health with what many investors see as a newer way to measure companies’ future-readiness. Interest in this type of strategy reflects the market’s growing recognition that ESG issues can impact corporate balance sheets.

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Research & Insights

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More Information

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