The Case for Passive Investing

Especially in today’s uncertain markets, how can advisors make allocation decisions designed to mitigate risk without sacrificing returns for their clients? S&P Dow Jones Indices offers some of the best-known, universally trusted and widely licensed indices backed by tools and information advisors need to evaluate their choices in both passive and active investing.

Read on to learn more about index-based solutions all advisors should understand, find out how you can use them in your practice, and uncover a wealth of resources on passive investing.

Harnessing Disruptive Innovation with Indices

Why Disruptive Innovation Matters to Advisors
Spotting Disruptive Technology in Sectors and Industries
Making Innovation Accessible
Capturing Future Tech with Index-Based Tools

Emerging technologies are transforming traditional industries and creating new ones at a staggering rate. How are advisors using index-based tools to better understand and access the drivers of this Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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Key Strategies from a Practitioner’s Point of View

  • Can Wellness and Customization Improve DC Plan Outcomes?

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  • Budgeting for Risk with Factors

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  • Managing Short and Long Term Risks with ESG

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  • Preparing Portfolios for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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  • FA TALKS: Accelerated Wealth

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  • Transforming an Advisor Practice from Mutual Funds to ETFs

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Advisor Tools

  • Index Analytics

    Access monthly index levels and metrics that provide insight into an index’s performance.

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  • U.S.-Listed ETFs

    View a comprehensive list of U.S.-listed ETFs built on S&P DJI indices.

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Trending Topics

Discover an array of research, commentary and education on the themes that interest today’s investors.
  • U.S. Core

    Large-caps, mid-caps and small-caps for the basis of portfolios

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  • ESG

    Core ESG, climate-focused and thematic approaches

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  • Factors

    Quality, value, momentum and more

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  • Sectors

    Sector and industry slices of U.S. and global markets

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  • Dividends

    Dividend strategies for a range of objectives

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