Tomorrow has arrived and so has cost-efficient, curated access to AI, clean energy, infrastructure, crypto and the megatrends reshaping our world. Our thematic indices combine cutting-edge quantitative techniques, access to novel datasets and leading analysts’ expertise to capture long-term, market-altering themes with precision.

Bringing Megatrends to Life

Our offerings span five major categories targeting world-shaping structural trends.

S&P DJI Themes

Featured Indices

Following is a sampling of indices from our five thematics categories. To view more, download our Thematics Index Directory.

S&P DJI Knows Thematics

Our track record of thematics innovation dates back to 1999, when we launched the Dow Jones Internet Indices. Since then, our capabilities have grown exponentially, making us the leading thematics index provider as measured by AUM tied to ETFs tracking our indices. Our indices offer the following features:

Broad coverage of thematics trends around the world
Transparent, rules-based methodologies that combine sophisticated construction techniques such as machine learning with thematic analysts’ expertise
Unrivaled access to a wealth of S&P Global proprietary datasets, including industry-specific data, data facilitating granular theme classification, commodities data, sustainability metrics, economic indicators and much more
Cost-efficient solutions compared with active alternatives
Diversified exposure that reduces stock-specific risk without compromising theme purity

We offer unparalleled capabilities and resources for bringing diverse themes to life.

Pioneering Thematics for More than Two Decades

Pioneering Thematics for More than Two Decades

Research & Insights

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