Custom Index Solutions

Custom Index Solutions

You have the idea. We’ll create the index. Drawing on a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we provide custom index solutions for banks, ETF providers, asset managers, and other institutions globally.

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Clients & Indices

  • S&P Custom
  • Client Proprietary
  • Benchmark Administration
  • beS&P Index Solutions

Clients & Indices

S&P Custom

S&P Custom indices are tailored versions of existing S&P DJI indices that follow straightforward, rule-based approaches. For example, they may exclude a specific sector or stocks of certain size range, or may be calculated using a different weighting scheme. These indices are sponsored and governed by S&P DJI.


Client Proprietary

Our Client Proprietary indices are created using clients’ intellectual property, and carry the client’s brand. They may be derived from a custom universe of securities, or from an S&P DJI branded index.

Clients & Indices

Benchmark Administration

Indices for which we are benchmark administrator. These indices are subject to our Index governance and methodology oversight through a dedicated custom index committee.

Clients & Indices

beS&P Index Solutions

Leveraging our world-class governance framework and unmatched indexing expertise, we work with clients to launch indices that comply with applicable regulatory standards and industry best practices while tapping into targeted, less standard exposures.


Why Custom Indices?

Expertise & Experience

We calculate over 10,000 custom headline indices for more than 150 clients around the world. All of these indices are managed with the same rigorous processes and robust infrastructure used to calculate our flagship indices.

Brand Association

The S&P Dow Jones Indices name is widely associated with quality, integrity, and transparency. This brand equity can be leveraged through the “Calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices” mark, which is made available to all custom index clients.

Extensive Coverage

Our index and constituent database spans all major asset classes and covers more than 33,000 securities in 96 countries.

Client Services

A dedicated custom team supports our clients globally. We provide “follow the sun” coverage with representatives in Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Amsterdam, London, New York, and Mexico City.

Our Services

Our custom index solutions empower clients to achieve any strategy by bringing their investment ideas to life. Find out why ETF sponsors, derivative desks, financial advisors, self-indexers, structured product teams, exchanges, and plan sponsors around the globe turn to S&P DJI for their custom needs.

Custom calculation
Custom Calculation
We offer a full range of custom calculation services depending on clients’ needs. We provide daily maintenance and calculation, corporate action management, index distribution, and constituent data via daily files. Our ongoing client support includes index publication on the S&P DJI website.
Custom calculation
Benchmark Administration
Our benchmark administration services serve the compliance needs of clients, such as alignment with IOSCO principles and EU benchmark regulations. Included among these services are index governance and oversight of index methodologies through a dedicated custom index committee.
Custom calculation
Custom R&D
Our Custom Research & Development services help clients translate ideas into indices by aiding the formulation of index concepts, designing and testing approaches through historical back-tests, and building and maintaining index methodologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a custom index?

A custom index is a tailor-made solution designed to suit clients’ unique mandates or investment strategies.  Clients have the opportunity to either modify an existing S&P DJI index or create an entirely new index based on their specific requirements.

How is a custom index created?

The following steps are used when creating a new custom index:

  • Assess client’s index methodology and requirements. We work with each client to ensure that the methodology chosen for a custom index closely matches the underlying strategy and stated objectives.
  • Index launch. Once the methodology is approved, the index moves onto the “fast track” and is prepared to launch on the date designated by the client.
  • Index dissemination. We work with a wide selection of third-party data vendors and financial information publishers to deliver data for a client’s custom index to global or regional markets via FTP in a flat file format.

Which asset classes are best suited to creating custom indices?

Custom indices are available across a variety of asset classes and themes, including but not limited to equities, commodities, fixed income, and cryptocurrency.

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