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Streamlining Data Activation: The Power of S&P Global & Census’ Strategic Relationship

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Streamlining Data Activation: The Power of S&P Global & Census’ Strategic Relationship

In the dynamic realm of sales and marketing, data is the linchpin for success. The more you comprehend your customers, prospects, and market dynamics, the better your chances of achieving remarkable results. Nevertheless, maximizing the potential of data often poses a considerable challenge. This struggle revolves around the sheer volume of data and the intricacies of its integration into your existing systems. Today, we'll unravel the transformative collaboration between S&P Global and Census that simplifies data activation, offering a more efficient and productive approach to leveraging data.

The Pursuit of Effortless Data Integration

Imagine a world where your sales and marketing tools are enriched with crucial company intelligence such as firmographics, key professionals, and vital signals, enhancing your team's performance. Data enrichment is the gateway to unlock this potential. However, the process of integrating this enriched data into your systems can be a daunting task. Limited resources, high costs, or time constraints often create obstacles in this regard. The ultimate goal is to streamline the data integration process, making it both easier and more efficient.

In this article, we will explore how the collaboration between S&P Global Market Intelligence and Census can revolutionize the way businesses activate data.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is known for its data analytics and solutions that cater to firms worldwide across various workflows. Our data is widely trusted and often integrated with other data providers, resulting in a comprehensive network of information supporting diverse business needs.

On the flip side, Census offers a user-friendly data activation platform. It's a groundbreaking concept designed to remove the need for an army of developers or data analysts to decipher your data. With Census, virtually anyone can access and integrate data into enterprise technologies with remarkable ease. The primary focus here is simplicity, aiming for a streamlined process to make data actionable.

This strategic relationship is a game-changer because it significantly reduces the time and effort involved, which often weigh down sales and marketing teams. Instead of expending precious time manually updating account details or identifying prospects based on specific criteria, automated synchronization ensures that your systems receive fresh data consistently.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to empower individuals across different business units to rapidly access valuable data. We delve deeper into this innovative solution in our webinar which you can watch here.

Click here to watch the full webinar

The Data Challenge in Sales and Marketing

Regardless of the organization, common pain points prevail in sales & marketing. One prevalent struggle is identifying the right targets to pursue. In an ideal scenario, you could meticulously analyze and cherry-pick prospects, but in reality, time constraints prompt us to rely on tools that help identify potential leads based on specific parameters aligned with our organization's objectives.

And it's not solely about identifying prospects; it's also about building meaningful relationships. To comprehend an organization's needs and discover opportunities, you require access to real-time information, including events, triggers, and risk exposure.

However, the most formidable challenge that sales and marketing professionals face is dealing with "dirty data." This widespread issue can stem from various sources, such as outdated enrichment partnerships, data consolidation complications, or reliance on frontline team members to maintain and update records. The solution lies in finding efficient methods to cleanse your data.

Bringing It All Together

S&P Global Market Intelligence offers an array of company intelligence data, including fundamentals, firmographics, financials, key professionals, and financial transactions. This data has become an integral component of modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which now offer comprehensive solutions. CRMs are evolving to accommodate diverse business processes within a single platform, expanding beyond serving just sales and marketing professionals.

This modular approach is now a standard in numerous industries, from banking and private equity to professional services and technology corporations. The objective is to centralize data, streamline operations, and make data accessible across various functions within an organization.

An illustrative case involved a company grappling with 30 subsidiary systems, a common predicament in large enterprises. By performing data cleansing and standardizing company firmographic data, they streamlined the process of consolidating systems, facilitating data backfill. Census played a pivotal role by offering plug-and-play solutions that minimized duplication and redundancy in data synchronization.

Unlocking Data with Census: The Key to Seamless Data Activation

Now, let's focus on Census, the pivotal element of this solution that simplifies data activation. In the domain of sales and marketing, quick access to data in your tools is vital for effective execution, whether you're utilizing a CRM like Salesforce or advertising platforms to gain customer insights.

Census was established to address the perpetual challenge of maintaining accurate and up-to-date data, particularly within Salesforce. It introduced the concept of reverse ETL, which is now widely embraced. Census offers unique features that make it incredibly easy to deploy and leverage your existing data.

At its core, Census boasts a no-code user interface built on top of SQL. This user-friendly interface empowers marketers, sales operations, and operational teams to connect and associate data from your data warehouse or existing infrastructure to downstream tools. The data pipelines established in Census offer an efficient method for teams to access and utilize that data within their business systems.

Simplifying Data Activation

How does Census streamline the data activation process and what does it offer sales and marketing professionals? Census data activation platform retrieves data from data warehouses and makes it accessible without requiring data analysts, engineers, or developers to bridge the gap. This shift in ownership from IT to business users is fundamental to streamlining the process.

The technical aspects of data activation may involve intricate data pipelines, data transformations, enrichments, and orchestrations, all of which Census expertly manages for you. Business users, who grasp the data's context and its practical use, can harness Census to make data readily accessible for sales and marketing teams.

Data Activation: A Game-Changer for Sales and Marketing

The core challenge we've discussed today is simplifying the data activation process. How can we ensure that data isn't just collected but also effectively integrated into our systems, ready for immediate use? This is where the collaboration between S&P Global Market Intelligence and Census comes into play. The collaboration streamlines the enrichment of your sales and marketing tools with company intelligence, firmographics, financial insights, and more. By automating this process, it eradicates the resource-draining task of manually updating account details and identifying prospects. Automated syncs guarantee that your systems consistently receive fresh data, equipping your teams to make informed decisions and close deals more effectively.

Maximize Business Potential: Activating 3rd-Party Data with Census and S&P Global Market Intelligence

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