The Case for Passive Investing

Especially in today’s uncertain markets, how can advisors make allocation decisions designed to mitigate risk without sacrificing returns for their clients? S&P Dow Jones Indices offers some of the best-known, universally trusted and widely licensed indices backed by tools and information advisors need to evaluate their choices in both passive and active investing.

Read on to learn more about index-based solutions all advisors should understand, find out how you can use them in your practice, and uncover a wealth of resources on passive investing.

Advisor Tools

  • Index Analytics

    Access monthly index levels and metrics that provide insight into an index’s performance.

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  • Canada-Listed ETFs

    View a comprehensive list of Canada-Listed ETFs built on S&P DJI indices.

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Trending Topics

Discover an array of research, commentary and education on the themes that interest today’s investors.
  • U.S. Core

    Large-caps, mid-caps and small-caps for the basis of portfolios

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  • ESG

    Core ESG, climate-focused and thematic approaches

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  • Factors

    Quality, value, momentum and more

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  • Sectors

    Sector and industry slices of U.S. and global markets

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  • Dividends

    Dividend strategies for a range of objectives

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