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360° of Climate – Indices for Every Objective Our suite of ESG, climate, and carbon efficient indices cater to different investor needs.
BY Jaspreet Duhra


• There is a pressing need for the world to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to decrease the risks and impacts of climate change. Responsible action is required by all stakeholders, including investors.

• S&P DJI is at the forefront of innovative climate index design, leveraging the strength of climate datasets created by Trucost, part of S&P Global.

• S&P DJI’s climate change index offerings cater to a broad range of investor climate objectives, from divestment, decarbonization, and de-risking to holistic, science-based 1.5°C alignment.


The Scientific Facts

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that “Human activities are estimated to have caused approximately 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels.” While current global climate policies aim to reduce baseline emissions, temperatures are still projected to rise by 3.0°C by 2100. The IPCC suggests limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C from pre-industrial levels.

Impacts on natural and human systems from global warming have already been observed. Some impacts may be long lasting or irreversible, such as the loss of ecosystems.

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