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S&P Depositary Receipt

The S&P Depositary Receipt Indices are designed to measure the performance of depositary receipt (DR) securities across different markets and regions, including country-specific and select indices. DRs are negotiable securities issued by a bank that trade freely in global markets, facilitating cross-border trading, and may help foreign companies raise capital in global equity offerings, also allowing investors in the U.S. and elsewhere to easily invest in companies on a more global basis.

Product Name: TIGER Latin
Product Type: ETF
Country/Region: South Korea
Ticker: 105010

This list includes investable products traded on certain exchanges currently linked to this selection of indices. While we have tried to include all such products, we do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of such lists. Please refer to the disclaimers here for more information about S&P Dow Jones Indices' relationship to such third party product offerings.


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