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Expand Your Perspective Partnership

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Expand Your Perspective Partnership

S&P Global Market Intelligence has united with IHS Markit's Financial Services division. We go beyond numbers. With 24/7 support, personalized guidance, customized solutions, and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We stand alongside our clients to solve industry-wide challenges.


In this three-part Q&A series, leaders from the combined organization of S&P Global and IHS Markit discuss our three pillars: Innovation, Partnership, and Intelligence. Third, in this series is Partnership.


When we think about expanding the value we deliver to clients, how important is building strong customer relationships?


Tasha Gonska – Data, Valuations, and Analytics: At the core of our relationship with our customers is partnership. We’re able to leverage a vast array of tools, delivery mechanisms, and data sets to solve problems and create solutions together. We work hard to truly understand their needs and requirements.

Chris Sztam – Global Markets Group: Being the best partner is all about communication and collaboration. And sharing information is vital. Being able to set aside any pride of authorship to work as a team allows us to help our customers to the greatest extent possible.

Michelle Veloce – Desktop Solutions: Through close collaboration and partnership with clients, we understand their workflows and have organized a vast amount of information to enable them to easily connect the dots, see a broader picture, and uncover valuable ideas.

Kevin Bourne – Sustainable Finance: Strong customer relationships start with embedding value into that relationship, which takes time, technical competence, and developing trust. Our customers are sharing some incredibly sensitive data with us. Many times, we’re privy to data that they've not necessarily put into the public domain before or had analyzed by regulators. And having a foundation of partnership takes time but is essential.

Andrew Eisen – Software Solutions: Our customer relationships are the foundation of our success. They are the voice and the ‘North Star’ to help us navigate what are very challenging times, both from a macro environment as well as a political and social one. Whether it's ESG investing, decision making, or just running their businesses, partnering with customers is critical to helping us understand their needs and driving decision-making.

Victor Eng – Private Markets Solutions: Having a two-way stream of communications facilitates a valuable feedback loop where partnerships with customers help inform and drive our product roadmap. Oftentimes, we’re providing the tools our customers need to identify attractive investment opportunities. These are sometimes found in very niche marketplaces. By partnering with customers, we’re able to help them identify those opportunities or those companies that operate in those spaces.

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