iBoxx™ Bond & Loan Indices

Driving Liquidity and Transparency in the Fixed Income Universe

Find transparent, rules-based fixed income indices that can be easily replicated. iBoxxTM bond indices offer broad benchmarking and liquid tradable index solutions that track bond markets globally.

Fueled by multi-source pricing, iBoxx provides transparency to bond market performance. A primary tool of active and passive investment managers, iBoxx is widely used by dealer banks, ETF issuers, buy-side investment firms and third-party vendors to benchmark portfolio performance and risk. ETFs linked to transparent iBoxx indices provide a transparent, cost effective way to gain exposure to different segments of the global bond market. Instead of purchasing hundreds of bonds, investors purchase a single ETF which trades actively on an exchange. iBoxx rules-based methodologies are publicly disclosed and designed to be replicable.

Key benefits

Shaun Wurzbach

Index methodologies, daily index levels and composition information are publicly available on our website
Ed Ware

Customize existing indices or build new indices with expert collaboration to meet your investment criteria
Travis Robinson

Regular market segment reviews and rebalancing ensure constituent selection represents performance of global bond market
Deborah Draeger
Objective pricing

Gain a clear view of the market with independent and multi-source pricing, where inputs undergo rigorous data checks
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Data integrity

Rely on data that has undergone rigorous and comprehensive quality controls
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Seamless distribution

Daily index levels are delivered through our FTP service and via many data vendors

iBoxx Explained


Bond basics: What are bond indices?

Learn more about the global bond market and the role that indices play.
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Building bond indices

Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in index construction. We take a closer look at the rules-based approach used to create our USD Liquid Investment Grade Index.
Learn more about Indices


Index construction

How we build the iBoxx USD Liquid Investment Grade index?
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News & Information

Important notifications and public information about our indices, including changes to upcoming series following index rolls, credit events on constituents and issuance of new indices.
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Publicly available documentation relating to our indices, including methodologies, annexes and educational guides, as well as trading and legal documents for tradable indices.
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iBoxx Indices Factsheet

Explore our Families of Indices

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Global ESG/Sustainable Indices to meet the needs of responsible investing
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Get indices for the mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market and the subprime residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market
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Access our CDS indices covering North America, Europe, Asia, emerging markets, municipal single name CDS and prime mortgage-backed securities
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Meet regulatory changes in index administration as well as the growing use of index products for benchmarking and investment purposes
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Access Private investment benchmark data and analytics
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Access our full range of services supporting benchmark regulatory compliance