Commodities such as oil, gold, and wheat have played a part in asset allocation decisions for decades, historically providing diversification and inflation protection benefits.

More than 30 years ago, we created the S&P GSCI, a straightforward yet sophisticated measure of commodity beta comprised of the most liquid commodity futures. Today, the S&P GSCI is providing a blueprint for the next generation of commodity indices, targeting specific themes including battery metals, carbon markets, and food security.

Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Commodity Indices

How can commodity indices incorporate environmental footprint data while maintaining inflation sensitivity in line with their benchmark?

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The Next 30 Years of Commodity Index Investing

While 30 years is a lifetime in commodities investing, what more can we expect in the next three decades?

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Take a closer look at how the commodity landscape has evolved over the first 30 years.

Research & Insights

  • Commodities Go Electric

    In collaboration with S&P Global Commodity Insights, S&P DJI launched the S&P GSCI Electric Vehicle Metals.

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  • Spotlight on Commodities: Inflation and Innovation

    What could the convergence of inflation and interest rate tightening mean for commodities?

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  • S&P GSCI Light Energy

    What are the potential risk/return benefits of reducing energy allocations in commodity indices?

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  • Meet the First Global Voluntary Carbon Market Index

    How can the S&P GSCI Global Voluntary Carbon Liquidity Weighted help investors with price discovery?

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  • Performance Overview

    Get the latest data for S&P GSCI sectors and single commodities.

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