In a market dominated by volatility and inflation concerns, innovations in passive investing may allow Brazilian investors to mitigate risk, diversify internationally and tap into novel markets. Join S&P DJI and B3 as we bring together industry leaders and financial practitioners to explore how passive strategies may offer new opportunities across regions, asset classes and themes.

Topics will also include:

  • The latest developments in the Brazilian and international equity markets
  • Why active and passive strategies are not mutually exclusive and strategies for reconciling these two approaches
  • Diversifying within U.S. equities through index-based dividend, thematic and ESG strategies
  • Using passive strategies to participate in internnational megatrends from biotech to clean energy
  • How real estate and fixed income may help to both mitigate inflation and access income

Featured Speakers

José Ribeiro de Andrade, B3

Vice President of Products and Clients

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João Pedro Barroso do Nascimento, CVM


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Anu R. Ganti, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Senior Director, Index Investment Strategy

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Luiz Philipe Biolchini, Bradesco Asset Management


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Bruno Bonini, Safra Asset Management

Head of Products and Distribution

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Caíque Cardoso Costa, Itaú Asset Management

Portfolio Specialist

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Ricardo Eleutério da Silva, Bradesco Asset Management


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Rafael Daher, DWS

Passive Investments Specialist

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Danilo de Souza Gabriel, XP Asset Management

Head of Indexed Products

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Renato Eid Tucci, Itaú Asset Management

Head of Indexed Strategies & ESG Integration

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Daniel Lobo, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Vice President, Brazil Sales

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Cauê Mançanares, Investo

CEO & Co-founder

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Flavio Mantesso, WISE Capital

Founding Partner

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Aroldo Medeiros, BB Asset Management


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Eduardo Miquelotti, BTG Pactual

Head of Product Development

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Karina Saade, BlackRock

Country Head of Brazil, BlackRock

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Marcos Skistymas, B3

Head of Listed Products

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Bruno Stein, Global X ETFs Brazil


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