Benchmark Statements

Published May, 2024

Platts Benchmark B.V. (PBBV) is a benchmark administrator headquartered in Amsterdam and authorised by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

PBBV administers the following assessments which are not in scope of EU Benchmark Regulation but in scope of Article 19 for the UK Benchmarks Regulation (2019 No. 657) and are not excluded by Article 2(g). Per HM Treasury’s Benchmark Equivalence (No.2) Directions 2020, PBBV will apply for endorsement or recognition for these benchmarks before the end of the transitional period available under the UK BMR:

In addition, the following assessments are also in scope of the UK BMR and administered outside of the European Union (EU 27) and the UK. These assessments will be endorsed or recognized under the UK BMR before the end of the relevant transitional period:

The assessments listed above are produced by PBBV in line with the UK BMR and the EU BMR. Benchmark Statements aligned to the requirements of Article 27 of the BMR for all the above assessments are published. Please access by clicking on the corresponding benchmark name above.

All Platts price assessments are aligned to the same approach for handling Complaints and Consultation for its Methodology Review & Change process which can be found outlined under the below links:

Complaints >

Methodology Review & Change >