Benchmark Statements

Published October, 2022

S&P Global Platts publishes several assessments that are in scope for the European Benchmarks Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 (BMR). Platts Benchmark B.V. is the administrator for Platts EU Benchmarks under the BMR and is supervised by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). The entity is headquartered in Amsterdam and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Platts UK Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its ultimate parent S&P Global Inc.

The following benchmarks are within the scope of Article 19, are not excluded by Article 2(g), and are published and administered within the European Union (EU 28) by Platts Benchmarks B.V.
• Dated Brent (PCAAS00)
• FO 3.5%S FOB Rdam Barge (PUABC00)
• Jet CIF NWE Cargo (PJAAU00)
• Naphtha CIF NWE Cargo (PAAAL00)
• Marine Fuel 0.5% FOB Rdam Barge (PUMFD00)
• Fuel Oil 1% FOB NWE Cargoes (PUAAM00)
• Gasoline Premium Unleaded 10ppm FOB Med Cargoes (AAWZA00)
• ULSD 10ppmS CIF NWE Cargo (AAVBG00)
• ULSD 10ppmS CIF Med Cargo (AAWYZ00)
• Ethanol T2 FOB Rdam (AAYDT00)
• Gasoil 0.1% CIF Med Cargoes (AAVJJ00)

Platts Benchmarks B.V. is aligned to the same approach for handling Complaints and Consultation for its Methodology Review & Change process which can be found outlined under the below links:

Complaints >

Methodology Review & Change >

In addition, the following assessments currently fall within Article 19 of the BMR and are not excluded by Article 2(g), but are administered outside of the European Union (EU 28) and Platts Benchmarks BV will apply for endorsement or recognition for these benchmarks before the end of the transitional periods available under the BMR:
• Dubai Mo01 (PCAAT00)
• FO 180 CST 3.5%S FOB Spore Cargo (PUADV00)
• FO 380 CST 3.5%S FOB Spore Cargo (PPXDK00)
• Gasoil FOB Spore Cargo (POABC00)
• Gasoline Unl 92 FOB Spore Cargo (PGAEY00)
• Jet Kero FOB Spore Cargo (PJABF00)
• LNG Japan/Korea Spot Crg DES (AAOVQ00)
• Naphtha C+F Japan Cargo (PAAAD00)
• Marine Fuel 0.5% FOB Singapore (AMFSA00)
• Clean Arab Gulf-Japan 55kt LR1 $/mt (PFAEY10)

The Benchmark Statements for the above assessments are published below pursuant to Article 27 of the BMR.

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