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Platts Dimensions Pro

Platts Dimensions Pro Available on mobile devices
Platts Dimensions Pro delivers S&P Global Commodity Insights independent price benchmarks, news, fundamentals data, forecasts, and supply chain dynamics in real-time, anywhere you are.

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Platts Platform

Platts Developer Portal

S&P Global Developer Portal provides information on machine-to-machine delivery options including API, Streaming, and Bulk delivery. See our most recent list of datasets available via these channels, sign-up for trials, test sample data, and interact live with Platts APIs. Move at the speed of the commodity markets in today's increasingly digitized environment.

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Platts EDITORIAL WINDOW (eWindow)®

Delivering greater speed and efficiency to the price assessment process, Platts eWindow facilitates the process by combining the Platts Market-On-Close (MOC) price assessment methodology with state-of-the-art technology, customized for Platts and licensed from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

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Platts Excel Add-In

Platts Excel® Add-In functionality provides near real-time data access, facilitating easier data searching and deeper interrogation for more insightful analysis. You can receive both Platts Assessment Data and Platts eWindow Market Data via Platts™ Excel® Add-In.

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Platts Market Center

Platts Market Center provides enhanced functionality for market report content published online. With our platform, you can search and read the industry news you're looking for, view market pricing, fundamental data, and charts. You can also follow the latest weather updates and create custom alerts and reports.

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