S&P Global Commodity Insights to publish Ammonia quantitative forward curves out to month 24

S&P Global Commodity Insights will start publishing Ammonia quantitative forward assessments for the US Gulf Coast, Far East, Middle East and NW Europe, effective September 16th 2022.

For the US Gulf, Middle East and NW Europe we will publish quantitative forward assessments from month 4 onwards. For months 1 to 3, S&P Global Commodity Insights Editorial team assesses Ammonia prices based on market source data and also take into account current ammonia prices, historical price spreads and trend analysis.

For the Far East we will be publish quantitative forward assessments from month 1 to month 24.

Our quantitative curves are derived using our extensive database of historical market prices and based on Platts editorial market knowledge.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team at PL_Risk_Production@spglobal.com.