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The Sustainability Yearbook 2023

Communications Toolkit

We encourage all companies included in The Sustainability Yearbook 2023 to prepare communication materials on their achievement.

To be listed in the Yearbook, companies must score within the top 15% of their industry and must achieve an S&P Global Sustainability Score within 30% of their industry’s top-performing company.

The Sustainability Yearbook 2023 contains several key improvements, most importantly:  
- Updated Yearbook Emblems to factually distinguish top performing companies; and  
- A revised methodology with an exclusion screening process , to align the Yearbook’s methodology further with the approach taken to select companies into S&P Global ESG Indices.

Download our NEW Yearbook Emblems

If your company qualifies for a Yearbook distinction, we encourage you to prepare your communication using the new Sustainability Yearbook Emblem. The use of the Emblem is subject to acceptance of the Yearbook Emblem Guidelines.

Confirm your company’s Yearbook distinction

Starting February 7th, you can check the Yearbook microsite to confirm if your company is a Sustainability Yearbook member, and the level of distinction.

Social Media posts

We encourage all Yearbook member companies to share their achievement on social media using the hashtag #SPGSustainable1Yearbook in any posts that you create. You may also use the following handles to tag the Corporate Sustainability Assessment or our parent company S&P Global:

  • LinkedIn: @corporate sustainability assessment and @spglobal
  • Twitter: @SPGlobal and @SPGSustainable1
  • Facebook: @sandpglobal
  • Instagram: @SP_Global
  • YouTube: SPGlobal
  • WeChat: S&P Global (标普全球)

To make sure your announcement reaches the broadest possible audience, we encourage the use of one or more of these popular hashtags:

  • #SPGSustainable1Yearbook
  • #Sustainability

Sample social media posts – for all Yearbook Member companies

1. {INSERT COMPANY NAME} is honored to be included in this year's #SPGSustainable1Yearbook. Learn more about how we earned this distinction:

2. Great news: {INSERT COMPANY NAME} has been included in the #SPGSustainable1Yearbook for our #sustainability efforts. Read about it in the Yearbook:

2022 Annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment*









*The Sustainability Yearbook 2023 is based on 2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment.