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Information for companies assessed or planning to be assessed in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

The S&P Global CSA supports companies along the benchmarking cycle

Competitive benchmarking can show you whether your corporate sustainability strategies are really effective. It can highlight ways to improve your performance and will help you demonstrate the positive impact of corporate sustainability strategies on your financial results. It offers you insights into your own competitive positioning relative to your peers and your most effective levers for improvement.

The CSA converts intangible aspects of your company's sustainability performance into tangible scores.

Assessed companies receive free of charge access to a powerful online Benchmarking Database. The database facilitates a detailed assessment of your company's performance and an easy identification of key areas for improvement. Multi-year charts help you understand your company's trend vs. your industry peers.

Companies tell us that the CSA and our related services helped their company to:

  • Develop and implement a successful and sustainable business strategy
  • Reduce sustainability risks for the company and realize opportunities
  • Meet investor and stakeholder expectations and needs
  • Get external/internal recognition for your sustainability performance
  • Embed sustainability thinking in the corporate DNA (networks)

Each year over 300 companies create additional business value by using one or more of our benchmarking services. We are proud to have achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 29 based on our 2020 client survey and welcome over 80% returning clients each year for our flagship Corporate Benchmarking Report service.

ESG Benchmarking supports your analysis needs and communication goals with

  • Visualization of your corporate sustainability performance trends based on your CSA participation
  • Actionable gap analysis that you can directly share with departments involved in the CSA submission
  • Detailed explanations of SAM’s expected practice
  • Industry leading practice examples

Multiple services are available to support you in benchmarking your CSA performance and in learning from the results

Online tools to conduct your own analysis

Benchmarking Database

Upgrade from the basic version to gain in-depth insights into your company's performance, so that you can provide more comprehensive feedback to subject matter experts and management in your company and to communicate your performance to external stakeholders.

Leading Practices Database

Hundreds of real industry examples & quantitative analysis at your fingertips. Learn from leading practices in your own and other industries. Provide hands on examples from industry leaders to your subject matter experts.

Benchmarking Reports with differing depth of analysis

Company Benchmarking Report

The CBR includes a comprehensive sustainability performance overview which you can use to brief internal and external stakeholders. Receive actionable feedback with a question-by-question gap analysis, leading practice examples and an explanation of the scoring methodology for each question aspect. The CBR is available for all criteria or as CBR compact for a selection of criteria.

CSA Feedback Report

The Feedback Report visualizes your company's overall performance in the CSA & provides insights on key areas for improvement. Receive a management performance summary and insights on key improvement areas.

Workshops for a two way interaction with our experts

Rounding out our offering of sustainability assessments and benchmarking tools, S&P Global ESG Benchmarking offers in-depth workshops and customized training courses.

Contact us to learn more

The ESG Benchmarking team will assist you in finding the benchmarking services that best meets your needs and budget. Contact us at or +41 44 529 5170