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Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) 2023 Timeline

Updated process, documents and related webcasts

Assessment windows

To better accommodate corporate reporting schedules the CSA 2023 will follow a new approach.

Starting in March, companies can reserve a 2-month assessment window that best meets their own reporting cycle and project planning needs. Companies can book the assessment window that best meets their needs directly in the CSA portal, subject to quota availability. The 2023 CSA questionnaire opens for all companies on April 4th and can be reviewed from that date, independent of the chosen assessment window start date. .

Register early to ensure your company can complete the CSA in the most convenient window. To book a window simply log into the CSA portal and review the options available to your company under the “Manage Participation” tab.

Deadline extensions

Deadline extensions will be available to participating companies in the CSA portal once the selected assessment window started. A selection tool will inform companies directly about the impact an extension has on the expected score release date. If applicable, companies invited for index inclusion will have a maximum deadline to ensure that possible index selection can be based on a participation-based score.

Publication of results

S&P Global ESG Scores calculated from the CSA will be released in monthly waves starting in August, depending on the Assessment Window chosen.

CSA Participation Cycle 2023
  • Two-month assessment windows starting every month from April to December.
  • The questionnaire always opens on the first week-day of the start month and closes on the last week-day of the following month (independent of regional/religous holidays)

Updated CSA 2023 Documents

Available as of March 6th

Methodology updates CSA 2023

Available as of March 30th

CSA Handbook (formerly CSA Companion)

CSA Criteria Weights

MSA Methodology Updates


Understanding the Media & Stakeholder Analysis Process - 2023 CSA

April 13th

The S&P Global Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA) is an integral part of the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). Understand the concept and steps of the MSA process, and learn about the main methodology updates for 2023.

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Methodology updates CSA 2023

March 16th

In this webcast, the ESG Research team will share insights on key changes to the 2023 CSA, including new or updated questions and criteria.

Navigating the new 2023 CSA participation process

March 9th

The 2023 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) opens for all companies on April 4, 2023. Join this webinar to understand the new participation process, and to register your company to complete the CSA during an assessment window that best meets your reporting cycle and project planning needs.

Discover the Value and Impact of the CSA 2023

February 23

Join us in this webcast to: learn about the CSA and how the results are used by stakeholders; understand the 2023 CSA participation process; and gain insight into how your active participation can drive positive, measurable change within your organization.


  • Sandeep Chandna Chief Sustainability Officer,
    Tech Mahindra, India
    “The S&P Global CSA is both our yardstick to measure how we are doing, and our lighthouse to know how we should be. It helps us review, introspect and implement a strategy that impacts positively and creates a sustainable value for all our stakeholders”