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CSA Participation
Cycle 2024

The 2024 CSA opens on April 3. Two-month participation windows are available, starting every month from April to December. With the exception of April, the participation windows begin on the first weekday of the start month  and close on the last weekday of the following month (independent of regional/religious holidays).

CSA 2024 - Participation Cycle Timeline CSA 2024 - Participation Cycle Timeline

Flexible participation windows

Companies can reserve a 2-month participation window that best meets their own reporting cycle and project planning needs.

Choose a participation window now to ensure your company can complete the CSA in the most convenient window.

  • Two-month participation windows starting every month from April to December.
  • Up-to-date details of available participation windows are visible to registered companies in the CSA Portal.
  • Starting in February, a registered administrator can reserve a participation window for the company.
  • The industry specific CSA 2024 questionnaire will become visible in the CSA Portal starting April 3.
  • The questionnaire will be accessible (for entering information) on the start date of the selected participation window.
  • Available participation windows always open on the first weekday of the start month and close on the last weekday of the following month (independent of local/ religious holidays).

How to pick a window

Deadline extensions

Deadline extensions will be available to participating companies in the CSA Portal once the selected assessment window has started. The selection tool will inform companies directly about the impact an extension has on the expected score release date.

If applicable, companies invited for potential index inclusion will have a maximum deadline to ensure that possible index selection can be based on a participation-based score.

Publication of results

The first Score release for the 2024 CSA is intended for August 16.

New for 2024, we will introduce a “continuous” score release process, following a first bulk release, as opposed to monthly score releases in 2023. Companies can expect to receive their scores within a target window of 2 to 8 weeks of their submission, depending on the workload of the ESG Research teams. Further details on this approach, including the notification process will be announced in due course.

CSA results and
ESG Indices

Scores calculated from the CSA are used by S&P Dow Jones Indices, an independent affiliated entity of S&P Global, to maintain certain indices, including the S&P Global ESG Indices and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). The DJSI is rebalanced annually by S&P Dow Jones Indices in December.

Refer to the CSA invited companies lookup page to check your company’s potential eligibility for various Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) published by S&P Dow Jones Indices, a global index provider and an independent affiliate of S&P Global.

Companies that are eligible for selection to the DJSI and that would like their response to the CSA questionnaire to be considered as part of their S&P Global CSA Score, must select a participation window and/or related deadline extension that allows submission of its 2024 CSA questionnaire response before August 31, 2024 (Cut-off Date).

If a company that is eligible for selection to the DJSI fails to submit and/or complete its CSA questionnaire before the Cut-off Date, the CSA questionnaire will be completed, and an S&P Global Score derived based on publicly available information researched by an S&P Global analyst. Such S&P Global CSA Scores will be published on S&P Global platforms and public websites.

Note that, if a company submits its response to the CSA questionnaire after the date referred to above, and if there is a change to the S&P Global CSA Score, S&P Global will update such S&P Global CSA Score on its platforms and public websites. However, such updated S&P Global CSA Score will not be used by S&P Dow Jones Indices to change the composition of the DJSI.

It is not a prerequisite for a company to participate in the CSA questionnaire for eligibility to an index administered by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

S&P Global is committed to the independence and objectivity of its products and services and has policies in place to help maintain an appropriate separation between the different business units, including S&P Dow Jones Indices and S&P Global Sustainable1 which develops the S&P Global ESG Scores, including their key component the S&P Global CSA Scores. For information on the use of scores in any S&P Global ESG Indices please reach out to index_services@spglobal.com.

CSA 2024 Documents

Document Planned Release Date Location
2024 CSA Methodology Updates March 11 CSA Documentation
CSA Handbook March 29 CSA Documentation
CSA Criteria Weights March 29 CSA Documentation
MSA Methodology Guidebook 2024 March 29 CSA Documentation
Industry-specific Methodology Updates March 29 CSA Portal
Supporting Evidence Requirements March 29 CSA Portal

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