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ChartIQ Partners with MT Newswires to Integrate Live, Interactive News Feeds into Charting Library

ChartIQ is now part of S&P Global

We are excited to announce ChartIQ is now part of S&P Global — bringing together the best charting, content and workflow solutions.

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ChartIQ announced that it has established a partnership with MT Newswires, a recognized leader in original and unbiased business and financial news. The partnership will allow ChartIQ clients to deliver an even more robust technical analysis experience to their end users.

MT Newswires delivers premium intra-day commentary and breaking news on a wide range of topics including equities, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange (FX), global economics, and more. Platform and application providers incorporate the news feeds into their offering, enhancing the user experience with news coverage of North America, Europe, and Asia, with a particular focus on the most actively followed and traded securities in developed markets and economies.

This is the first time that MT Newswires has been directly incorporated into a charting solution, where users can interact with different news events relevant to the security they are analyzing.

Developers will be able to embed MT Newswires’ content directly into the ChartIQ Library. End users can then interact with news events directly by clicking the MT Newswires icon to see what event may have caused a security's position to change.

" By toggling over the icon, a user can see the news around an event that may have precipitated a change in the market. For illustrative purposes only.”

MT Newswires is thrilled to be the first provider chosen to enhance the news experience for the millions of users engaging with ChartIQ,” said Brooks McFeely, MT Newswires’ Founder and CEO. The overlaying of news events directly onto financial charts is a use case we haven't explored before and we’re excited to see the value it will bring to our mutual clients moving forward.

From the journalists providing the coverage to the tech developers behind the scenes, the team at MT Newswires is best-in-class, says Eugene Sorenson, Head of ChartIQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence. We've been looking for a news partner to incorporate news events on the chart and MT Newswires is the right fit. We’re excited to be able to offer this MT Newswires integration for our clients.

About MT Newswires
Founded in 1999, MT Newswires is a recognized leader in original and unbiased business and financial news. The Company's expanding global network of financial journalists and economists produces real-time, multi-asset class news in over 160 distinct categories to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the global investment community. Now serving most of the largest banks, brokerage firms, and professional market data, trading, and research applications in the world, MT Newswires has proven to be disruptive in an industry with few competitors. For more information, please visit

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