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What will the Inflation Reduction Act Unleash Cutting through the fog of enactment with S&P Global

Thursday, September 29, 2022
60 Minutes

The early August signing of the Inflation Reduction Act into law represented a significant reweighting of US federal energy policy toward renewable energy and cleantech deployment through more than $350 billion in financial incentives. The successive rounds of negotiation it took to get the IRA across the finish line in the US Congress was only the beginning for the nation’s energy markets and the global energy industry, which are evaluating the potential range of impacts across financial, regulatory and physical vectors. Each stakeholder in the emerging understanding of the newly recast future of the US energy sector faces limits and constraints in how quickly adjustments can be made, and S&P Global analysts have been at the forefront in cutting through the “fog of enactment” with revised forecasts, actionable insight and thought-provoking commentary.

On this webinar we will discuss:

  • Updates to forecasts and models from S&P Global since the passage of IRA
  • The role states and state utility regulators will play in setting the speed limits for the distribution of federal funds
  • The realities of metals supply chains and mining capacity that runs counter to the ambitions of the IRA’s electric vehicle subsidies
  • Limitations for power markets in absorbing hugely accelerated renewable energy deployment
  • How financial and capital markets firms will be central in activating federal support allocated in the IRA
  • Next steps for energy sector stakeholders as the IRA is implemented
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S&P Global Contributor
Ms. Federico has been following the power and gas utility sector for more than 30 years, and the water sector for the last three years at Regulatory Research Associates, which is now an offering of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Molly Christian is an Industry Editor for S&P Global Commodity Insights, where she reports and edits coverage on the intersection of federal energy and climate policy and the electric power sector. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Chad Singleton is an associate director with the IHS Markit Investing in Energy group, specializing in power, gas, and renewables. Previously, Mr. Singleton spent 10 years on Wood Mackenzie’s North American power and renewables fundamentals team, where he served as the regional expert for the Western Interconnect and the topical lead for a number of subjects, including renewable resource adequacy, flexibility, resiliency, and grid modernization.  Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Mark Ferguson is a Director with the Metals & Mining Research group at S&P Global Commodity Insights. Having worked for previous iterations of the division since 2004, he has extensive experience in producing exploration and supply-side studies and topical research for the mining sector.

 Full Bio

S&P Global Contributor
Peter is an executive director for S&P Global Commodity Insights and is part of a dedicated research team that provides integrated climate and cleantech advisory research to the financial sector. Full Bio

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