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Registration 101: Understanding the Basics

Registration 101: Understanding the Basics


All companies invited to participate in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) are required to register an account. Registration is easy and can be completed in just a matter of minutes.

How to Register 


  • Start typing in your company name in the “Company” field. For ease, all companies invited to participate in the CSA have been pre-loaded into this form. So, as you type, your company name will populate automatically. If it does not appear, contact the CSA Helpline at csa@spglobal.comIf your company has already registered for an account, a pop-up message will appear. 


  • Complete the remaining fields (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *) and when finished, click “Register.”


  • Within 24 hours, you should receive an email notification from csa@spglobal.com with the subject line “Corporate Sustainability Assessment: User Account Creation for <Company name>”. This message is confirmation of registration and will include your Login ID (your email), along with instructions on setting up your password. (Please note that this process is not automated. So, if you register after normal business hours, it may take more than 24 hours to receive the confirmation email).


  • You will receive a second email from donotreply@spglobal.com with the subject "Welcome to S&P Global."  This email contains the link to set your password. The password link enables you to set up an account password, which is required to access your company’s account in the CSA Portal.  As this link is only valid for a limited period of time, if you do not set up your password during this time, you will need to reset your password.  If you do not receive the "Welcome to S&P Global" email within 15 minutes of receiving the "User Account Creation” email, please first check your SPAM/JUNK email folder. If the email is not in there, please contact us at csa@spglobal.com. We also recommend that you ask your IT department to whitelist both the csa@spglobal.com and donotreply@spglobal.com email addresses.

Need Help? 

If you encounter any issues during the registration process, please refer to the resources below or contact the CSA Helpline at csa@spglobal.com.





Company name didn’t appear in the registration form


Didn’t receive an email confirmation after registering

  Check spam / junk folder

Company is registered, but don’t know who manages our account


Forgot my password

  Reset password

Link for password set up expired

  Reset password

Can’t find the online portal login page

  Login page

Not sure which internet browser is recommended

  Google Chrome