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See What Matters

The Metrics that Matter

The global pandemic put a spotlight on the value of environmental, social and corporate governance considerations in financial markets. As risks intensify and opportunities accelerate, we provide the essential sustainability intelligence you need to see what matters.

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable future

Whether you are a financial institution, government or company, there are a number of steps that you can take to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Set Your Baseline

Understand your performance on material sustainability factors across your entire value chain including business operations and product lifecycles. Financial institutions should focus on their investment or loan portfolios.

Use Scenario Analysis

Use forward-looking scenarios that consider the impact of sustainability risks and opportunities on your business planning and investment strategies. Assessing climate transition and physical risks is a good place to start.

Identify Opportunities

Assess how well your business, investment or loan portfolios are aligned with global societal goals such as the SDGs that are focussed on creating a positive impact.

Set Targets

Consider setting robust and science-based targets that demonstrate your commitment to managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

Report and Engage

Report your ESG performance to relevant stakeholders ideally alongside the financial results in your annual reports. Use your baseline results to engage with important stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and employees.

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