ESG Benchmarking
Free access to the CSA online tools is part of the Company Benchmarking Report (CBR) service.
  • Hundreds of real industry examples & quantitative analysis
  • Create custom reports for your subject matter experts to support their understanding of the CSA with real examples
Leading Practices Database
All you need to do is to activate your free access.

Three simple steps get you started:
1) Log into the assessment portal
2) Go to the Leading Practices or and Benchmarking tabs
3) Click Accept T&C
Our professional Leading Practices Database (LPD) and Benchmarking Database (BDB) Expert are available to you free of charge from signature of your CBR contract to the end of August 2020. After this period the access will terminate, no charges will occur.

  • Benchmark against customized groups (even outside your industry)
  • Access interesting statistics on your CSA results
  • Export ranking tables
Benchmarking Database
Watch these videos to learn how to benefit the most from these databases
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