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Essential sustainability questions, answered.

Every sustainability journey is unique. We’re here to connect you with Essential Sustainability Intelligence from across S&P Global’s business divisions. Because every question deserves an answer.

There’s no single answer to today’s sustainability questions.

Climate Risk. Net zero. Nature Positive. Carbon Markets. Sustainable Financing. Regulatory reporting. We help you to navigate complex sustainability topics, connecting you with Essential Sustainability Intelligence to advance your journey.

Do you understand sustainability risks?

Understanding sustainability risks is essential to making informed investment decisions. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides ESG data, analytics, and insights to help you identify and manage sustainability risks.

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How can you measure your nature risk?

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and S&P Global Sustainable1 have launched the Nature Risk Profile, a new methodology for analyzing companies' impacts and dependencies on nature. It enables users to measure and address nature-related risk with scientifically robust and actionable analytics.

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Are you ready for TCFD?

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) has developed a set of recommendations for voluntary climate-related financial disclosures. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides TCFD-aligned data, analytics, and insights to help you comply with the recommendations.

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Can you maintain broad exposure while considering sustainability risks and opportunities?

The S&P 500 ESG Index applies sustainability criteria to the constituents of the iconic S&P 500. The index is unique in having historically maintained a risk and performance profile in line with its benchmark while focusing on the most material and relevant E, S and G signals within specific industries.

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What is your physical climate risk exposure?

Physical climate risks, such as extreme weather events and sea level rise, can have a significant impact on businesses and communities. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides data, analytics, and insights to help you identify and manage your physical climate risk exposure.

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How green is your bond?

Our multi-award-winning Shades of Green methodology gives transparent information on how well a green bond/loan aligns with a low-carbon climate resilient future. Our second party opinions are graded Light Green, Medium Green and Dark Green.

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What's the future energy outlook?

The energy transition is a global megatrend that is transforming the way we produce and consume energy. S&P Global Platts provides news, data, and analysis on the latest developments in the energy transition and the future of energy.

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Are your private asset investments sustainable?

Private markets investors need a specialized approach to capture reliable sustainability data from private companies and other assets. At S&P Global, we provide the expertise, workflow tools, and data you need to get deep insight into your private investment portfolio.

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Explore Essential Intelligence from S&P Global – a powerful combination of data, technology and expertise that helps you push past the expected and renders the status quo obsolete. Because a better, more prosperous future is yours for the seeking.

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Industry specialists and sustainability leaders representing banking, investment management and business explore the answers to essential sustainability questions.

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Who We Serve


Our essential sustainability intelligence has informed hundreds of research publications, supporting our academic partners with comprehensive data coverage, robust data linking and flexible data delivery.

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Commercial Banking

Our ESG specialists support you with essential sustainability intelligence to stress test climate-related risks, maximize green financing opportunities and respond to investor demand for increased ESG-focused origination activity.

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Pinpoint important considerations, inform innovation, and achieve best practice reporting standards in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future with our comprehensive and in-depth sustainability intelligence.

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Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to get ahead of the financial implications of climate change and identify sustainable value creation opportunities in underwriting and investment management.

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Investment Banking

Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to pinpoint material impacts on the attractiveness of transactions and align your investment strategy with the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future.

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Investment Management

Our essential sustainability intelligence helps you to deeply integrate sustainability considerations in multi asset class portfolio decision making, identify long-term risk and return impacts, and maximize sustainable investing value.

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Private Equity

As ESG market opportunities accelerate and ESG risks intensify across industries, our ESG specialists are here to help you incorporate our essential sustainability intelligence into due diligence and risk management practices, as well as help you identify tomorrow's sustainable investment opportunities.

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