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Climate & Environmental

Assess environmental footprints, take a deep dive into high impact sectors, conduct climate scenario analysis and evaluate your alignment with market frameworks designed to inform the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future with our comprehensive climate and environmental datasets.

Explore premium climate and environmental datasets backed by The Quality Imperative to make decisions with conviction.

Assess environmental footprints

Carbon Emissions Data

With coverage of scope 1, 2 & 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and intensity. Disclosure gaps are completed with in-depth environmental modelling.

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Water Dependency Data

Evaluate basin-level water dependency and availability.

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Pollution Data

Quantify impacts from land, air and water pollutants.

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Waste Disposal Data

Assess exposure to landfill, incinerated, nuclear and recycled waste impacts.

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Add sector specific metrics

Nature Positive

Access curated & comprehensive Nature & Biodiversity Risk data intelligence to efficiently assess company operations & investment portfolios.

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Energy Transition Data

Discover the energy mix of utilities and their green vs. brown share over time.

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Coal Exposure Data

Evaluate exposure to coal reserves, extraction and power generation activities.

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Fossil Fuel Reserves Data

Understand stranded asset risk from carbon emissions embedded in fossil fuel reserves.

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Metals and Mining Climate Competitiveness Data

Assess the carbon pricing risk, water stress risk and future commodity market alignment of the metals and mining industry at an asset- and company-level.

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Conduct scenario analysis

Carbon Earnings at Risk Data

Assess financial exposure to regional carbon pricing plans alongside future pricing scenarios.

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Physical Risk Data

Pinpoint asset exposure to sea level rise, flooding, water stress, heatwaves, coldwaves, hurricanes and wildfire.

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Climate Credit Analytics

Assess the impact of a transition to a low-carbon economy on the creditworthiness of counterparties and investments.

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Evaluate alignment

Paris Alignment Data

Understand company alignment with Paris Agreement goals to limit global warming.

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EU Taxonomy Revenue Share Data

Understand company alignment with the sustainable business activities outlined in the EU Taxonomy.

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Sustainable Development Goals Analytics

Understand the alignment of a company’s products and services with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Comprehensive market coverage




global market capitalization


countries’ sovereign bonds


fixed income issuances and green bonds


private companies

>10 years

of historical data

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