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Pinpoint and measure important sustainability performance indicators across company operations, supply chain tiers and product life cycles.

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comprehensive approach

Most companies initially focus on ESG reporting of their direct operations, but for the majority of companies, ESG risks and opportunities are concealed in their supply chain or the products and services they deliver.

Our footprinting services provide a comprehensive solution to help companies measure and report their ESG performance in line with best practice reporting standards.

Pinpoint important ESG issues

More than ever, companies are looking to understand which ESG issues present the greatest risk and opportunity to their business, and to report on them in a way that is informative to investors. By focusing on the investor requirement for concise, business-focused, data-driven disclosure, S&P Global Trucost ESG Disclosure Reports deliver practical insight that help companies bridge the gap between corporate ESG disclosure and investor expectations.

Extend ESG performance analysis across the full value chain

For many companies, supply chains are the largest source of risk. They also typically constitute an opaque, complex web of globally dispersed suppliers outside a company’s direct span of control.

We’re trying to change this by offering companies a complete profile of supply chain performance and risk exposure quantified across all suppliers and spend categories. This makes it possible to quickly quantify and prioritize high-risk suppliers and commodities.

Use our robust data and analytics to:

  • Establish baseline performance and set targets

  • Manage supply chain risks and develop sustainable supply chain programs

  • Communicate to customers and investors how risks are being managed

Our approach

Comprehensive supplier data

We start by combining a company’s purchase ledger with our comprehensive supplier data – the result of an annual engagement program with 20,000+ companies. Where companies do not disclose data, we produce robust estimates using detailed, multi-sector assessments of company business activities and life-cycle-based modelling. This process produces a comprehensive supply chain footprint across multiple tiers all the way back to raw material sourcing.

Targeted risk management within the supply chain

Our research shows that a small proportion of suppliers and spend categories typically account for the majority of a company’s supply chain risk. The challenge is identifying these suppliers and categories among what could be tens of thousands of potential options. We meet this challenge by taking into account both the direct spend and risk associated with each supplier. This comprehensive analysis allows companies to strategically prioritize their risk management activities so they have the greatest impact.

Monetized ESG risk

To better understand environmental, social, and financial cost exposures, we express ESG risks as monetary estimates. These estimates take into account potential pass-through costs, and can be segmented by purchasing category, commodity, region, or supplier. A range of analytics are available, including carbon pricing risk and water risk valuation, which are increasingly used to measure climate exposure and resilience.

Scenario analysis

S&P Global Trucost scenario analysis tool enables companies to create “what if” scenarios and model the supply chain risk exposure, by changing expenditures to spend category or business unit, or by changing the overall amount of spend.

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Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

Gain unparalleled insight into critical topics like ESG performance, net zero, energy transition, sustainable financing, regulatory compliance and more.

Discover End-to-End Market Perspectives

Leverage intelligence that is tried-and-tested throughout the global value chain, applying deep knowledge of corporate sustainability assessments that scales analytics for asset owners, investment managers and banks.

Connect Your Workflows

Link sustainability data with financial data and market intelligence, and dig deep with screening tools, real time updates, data visualizations and customized dashboards.

Increase Your Productivity

Access data when and how you want it with flexible delivery options that include a leading desktop solution, APIs, data feeds and cloud access, underpinned by robust data linking, AI and machine-learning technologies.

Rely on a Deep Heritage of Innovation

Put 20+ years of experience behind your sustainability strategy, getting ahead of disclosure trends with active corporate engagement and granular data modelling, and delivering enhanced solutions recognized by numerous industry awards.

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Know you have 24x7x365 backup and specialist assistance from ESG specialists and research analysts across our global offices.