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Energy Transition

Gain a comprehensive view of where the move to sustainable energy is and where it’s headed with our Platts Energy Transition services.

Get the big picture on the energy transition

The global energy system is experiencing a profound transformation: consumer, investor and political willpower is driving the world to a new mix of energy sources designed to mitigate greenhouse gas driven climate change. With intensifying energy demand comes increasing pressure to develop an energy system solution that addresses fundamental sustainability considerations.

Our Platts Global Integrated Energy Model provides a powerful, practical and customizable tool to study the evolution of the global energy system, computing long-term energy demand under various scenarios.

A long-term, comprehensive lens on energy pricing

30 fuel types

Including oil, gas, wind, solar, and hydrogen

9 end-use sectors

Industrial, buildings, transportation, power generation, and petrochemicals

143 countries and 13 regions

1990 – 2040

Time series data


A 2-degree global warming climate scenario based on the assumption the world meets its self imposed climate targets, as well as a ‘most likely’ scenario based on Platts' analysis of current policy and decarbonization progress.

Data features

A fully integrated model leveraging Platts’ market leading pricing methodologies and market analysis across all commodity types including metals and energy, to produce unique and transparent insights into the future of the energy transition.

Assess the trajectory of energy and commodity markets

The energy transition and global policy changes are driving greater commodity market integration and driving new demand in markets key to the growth of renewable energy, battery and electric vehicle production. Our Platts Future Energy Outlooks deliver a pragmatic view of the long-term trajectory of energy and commodity markets, with rich insights about the interconnected nature of technology, policy and consumer preference to explain what trade-offs are likely and what the world will look like when they occur.

Our analysis is based on detailed market data that dives deep into the fabric of individual commodity markets. What does the energy transition mean for your business? Interrogate Platts’ energy transition models and outlooks with full transparency, to understand the world today, as well as where it is headed.

Combining in-depth analytics with specialist market analysis and reporting.

Hydrogen Analytics

Data and analysis on hydrogen's role as a flexible energy carrier inc. hydrogen production and transport pathways, cost trajectories, and outlooks for commercial uptake across different demand use cases.

Renewables Analytics

Fundamentals-driven forecasts of solar photovoltaic (PV), onshore and offshore wind, policy changes impacting the deployment of renewables.

Battery Metal Demand Analytics

Leveraging expertise in alternative transport, stationary storage to provide quarterly insights on demand, key considerations for battery metals (e.g. lithium, cobalt).

Energy Storage Analytics

Analysis of trends and policy for power storage, globally, inc. regional insights into this key technology that facilitates high levels of penetration of renewables in the power sector.

Annual Guidebook

A comprehensive study that includes Platts oil, gas, and overall energy reference cases, along with long-term outlooks for global crude, regional crude and product markets, and regional natural gas markets. Discussion includes analysis around scenarios with emission levels consistent with limiting global warming to 2 degrees (2 Degree Scenario).

Quarterly Tracking Reports

Defines short- and long-term scenarios surrounding S&P Global Platts Analytics cross-commodity supply, demand, trade and price outlooks. Alternative high and low-price outlooks for key commodity prices are presented along with "signposts" of the energy transition, that can impact the trajectory of commodity outlooks.

Annual 2-degrees Scenario Outlook

Analysis of the current trajectory of emissions compared to the 2-degree scenario, with special reports focusing on analyzing future investment decisions required to limit global warming to two degrees.

Exclusive Access

It's challenging to keep up with volatile markets, but we're committed to helping our customers navigate through the energy transition. We deliver thought-provoking insights, exclusive client roundtables, webinars, seminars, and critical ad-hoc market coverage.

Make sense of what’s moving the markets

Spotting opportunities means being up-to-date with crucial market information. Wherever your focus is in the energy and commodities markets, we give you the price assessments, market-critical data, trade updates, trends, news, commentary and analysis to stay informed in the fast paced energy transition.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

See where the voluntary carbon market stands today, and where it's headed with in-depth price assessments, covering the best range of different projects. Our voluntary carbon markets price assessments are designed to bring much needed transparency to a market looking to scale and fulfill its potential as an important tool in the mission to achieve 2050 climate targets.

Electric Power

Gain a deeper understanding of shifting power market fundamentals with access to the latest price assessments, news and analysis. We also provide independent market coverage of the entire nuclear fuel cycle.


Whether you’re interested in biofuels, sugar or grains, we can keep you in touch with markets worldwide. Access benchmark price assessments, news and analysis, and stay ahead of your competition.

Need essential sustainability intelligence?


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Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

Gain unparalleled insight into critical topics like ESG performance, net zero, energy transition, sustainable financing, regulatory compliance and more.

Discover End-to-End Market Perspectives

Leverage intelligence that is tried-and-tested throughout the global value chain, applying deep knowledge of corporate sustainability assessments that scales analytics for asset owners, investment managers and banks.

Connect Your Workflows

Link sustainability data with financial data and market intelligence, and dig deep with screening tools, real time updates, data visualizations and customized dashboards.

Increase Your Productivity

Access data when and how you want it with flexible delivery options that include a leading desktop solution, APIs, data feeds and cloud access, underpinned by robust data linking, AI and machine-learning technologies.

Rely on a Deep Heritage of Innovation

Put 20+ years of experience behind your sustainability strategy, getting ahead of disclosure trends with active corporate engagement and granular data modelling, and delivering enhanced solutions recognized by numerous industry awards.

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