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Benchmarking Database (BDB)

Dive deeper into your CSA results and provide more detailed feedback to top management and key internal and external stakeholders.

Watch these tutorials to learn more.

BDB Basic Version

You will learn to:

  • access current and past CSA results
  • interpret year-on-year changes
  • access ranking tables and 4-year trend analysis charts
  • identify most significant areas for improvement


You will learn:

  • how to interpret a color area chart for industry score distribution
  • why sometimes only score averages are displayed instead of a full color area chart

BDB Starter Version

You will learn to:

  • Apply criteria level trend charts and ranking
  • Filter by region
  • Provide more detailed feedback to your subject matter experts

BDB Expert Version

You will learn to:

  • Set and apply custom peer groups
  • Filter by DJSI members
  • Export ranking tables
  • Interpret additional statistics

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