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    S&P DJI makes responses to consultations freely available upon request with redacted individual and company names unless requested to be confidential. Do you wish for your response to remain confidential?*

      • Do you agree with the proposal to remove all Lebanon-domiciled constituents from the S&P Pan Arab Indices and make these stocks ineligible for index inclusion?
      • Do you agree with the proposal to reclassify Lebanon to standalone market status and the consequent ineligibility/removal of all Lebanon-domiciled constituents from the S&P Frontier BMI and related sub-indices?
      • If S&P DJI adopts the proposals described in questions 1 and 2, do you agree with removing Lebanon-domiciled constituents from the indices at a zero price (if no, then please specify what price you would apply and why in question 5 below)?
      • Should the proposed changes be adopted, do you agree with the suggested implementation date?
      • Do you have any other comments or feedback regarding the proposed changes outlined above?
  • Please be advised that all comments from this consultation will be reviewed and considered before a final decision is made; however, S&P DJI makes no guarantee nor is under any obligation to comply with any of the responses. The survey may result in no changes or outcome of any kind. If S&P DJI decides to change the index methodology, an announcement will be posted on our website.

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