Experience is the critical component that drives our business.

Leadership is about more than a title. It’s about having the breadth of experience and knowledge necessary to truly make a difference. At S&P Global, our leaders have been essential to the world of finance for years. Their experiences in every sector of the industry gives them unique insights into the markets and allows them to foster an environment that rewards thinking differently.

President and Chief Executive Officer, S&P Global
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, S&P Global
Chief Operating Officer, Platts
Managing Director, Channel
Management, S&P Dow Jones
Managing Director, Product Management, S&P Dow Jones
President, Ratings
Managing Director & Chairman of the
Index Committee, S&P Dow Jones
Chief Product Officer, Platts
Executive Managing Director, Global Head of Developing Markets, Ratings
Chief Operating Officer, Market Intelligence
Chief Strategy Officer, Platts
Head of Global Risk Services, S&P Global
President, Market Intelligence
Managing Director, Client Coverage, S&P Dow Jones
Vice President,
Global Head of Metals and Agriculture and Co-Head of Commodity News & Pricing, Platts