Trinh Lien

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Trinh Lien joined the firm in early 2011 as a marketing analyst for the Capital IQ marketing team. She quickly gained experience across a wide range of marketing promotional tactics including event sponsorship and planning, email marketing and copywriting. During this time, she developed an interest in the more analytical and process-driven side of marketing, which ultimately led her to join the marketing operations. Her core responsibilities cover performance reporting on marketing lead generation activities and marketing systems management. She also leads a team focused on data management for Market Intelligence’s marketing contact database.

What is your current role here at S&P Global Market Intelligence? What is essential about your work to customers and/or the markets?

Currently, I work within the marketing operations team which is part of the global marketing department at S&P Global Market Intelligence. While I don’t develop any of the marketing campaigns directly anymore, my work and that of my team supports the rest of the marketers in communicating our value proposition to our customers and prospects. We do this by providing support and consistency in strategic planning and execution, budgeting, reporting, and management of our marketing systems and data.

What makes S&P Global a good place to work?

S&P Global does a great job on emphasizing corporate responsibility and encouraging employees to give back to the community with volunteer work. We also have many employee resource groups and flexible work-life balance policies. There’s a lot of opportunity and great talent here.

What enabled you to reach the important position you have today?

When I first joined the marketing operations team a couple of years ago, it was just a team of two. Since we were lean, our focus was more on strategy and reporting. This year has really been transformational for my team. The new vision and belief of the commercial organization leaders on emphasizing operational excellence and transparency – two values that are integral to what marketing operations is all about – has made it possible for my function to grow and take on more responsibilities. It’s an exciting time to be in operations!

What advice do you have for future S&P Global leaders? It’s important for our leaders to have a deep understanding of sentiment from both the industry and market we serve, but also from within the company.

How does what you oversee contribute to S&P Global’s mission of providing essential intelligence to the markets?

It wouldn’t be much of a leap for me to say that my team’s mission is to provide essential intelligence to my internal clients – the marketing team directly but also the broader commercial organization. We need data to make informed decisions on where we invest our resources to get the most value for our efforts.

What gets you excited to come to work each day?

I work with some really bright and talented folks so my colleagues definitely make it exciting to come in every day. I also enjoy the challenging aspects of my responsibilities and find it rewarding.

What is a typical day for you here?

I spend most days either focused on putting together our next reporting deliverable, responding to questions from the team, or collaborating on our marketing systems integration project. After S&P Capital IQ and SNL Financial integrated, we had two different marketing automation platforms to integrate as well as two different CRMs. After careful deliberation, we chose one platform over the other and are now in the midst of deploying the system. It’s been a massive undertaking that we’ve spent all year working on to ensure that the transition is a smooth as possible and that the new deployment makes sense for our current needs. The platform goes beyond just emailing marketing and is the centerpiece in our marketing technology stack. Since it’s a new system for me, I’ve spent a lot of time focused on training, learning about configuration options, and what changes we need to make to current procedures to maximize our technology investment.

What are some of the things you enjoy most outside of working here – passions, hobbies, family, travel?

I like cooking on my time off and entertaining. I especially enjoy reading food blogs that take a scientific trial and error approach to perfecting their recipes. It’s been a pretty useful hobby since everyone has to eat!

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