Shani Sandy

Executive Creative Director

Shani joined the company with the acquisition of Capital IQ. She led the creative strategy and design practice for S&P Capital IQ, S&P Market Intelligence and now S&P Global. As an Executive Creative Director, her role is to lead the effort in building an iconic company through creative strategy and execution. To come to the table with fresh ideas, and see them through to implementation, all while connecting them to business strategy. As a creative leader, her accomplishments include integrated brand and advertising campaigns, website experiences, multichannel global rebrands, and building a creative team and capability from the ground up.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The ability to combine creativity with business and SEE your work realized. There exists a belief that creative individuals and business people are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I have a different viewpoint. Both worlds are about reimagining the world around us, whether it is through bringing to light new perspectives or providing a needed offering, it is just that the way we may manifest those goals are different--through different tools or modes of thinking. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with and inspire a team of creative professionals that value teamwork and contribute on a daily basis on the creative capability that we are building in the company. Each of them bring their own unique point of view to the work that we produce and I value that diversity as it is essential to the creative process and product.

What is your current role here at S&P Global? What is essential about your work to customers and/or the markets?

I am the Executive Creative Director (ECD) for S&P Global. Everyday customers, employees, and constituents interact with our business in some manner and the work that the team produces is often the very interface for that interaction. Whether it is an advertisement or an app, the message, the feel, the tactile nature, the intangible experience, all of these elements and others are crucial expressions and products of our company. The creative team provides the expertise and imagination that produces experiences that are the essence of brand.

What enabled you to reach the important position you have today?

Having an entrepreneurial attitude. That may sound contradictory as someone who is working for a company, however being entrepreneurial means not settling for mediocre, but pushing beyond to create work that you can be proud of owning. It means being resourceful and having a relentless pursuit for growth.

Executive Creative Director, S&P Global
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, S&P Global Market
Managing Director and Head of Equities Product Management, S&P Dow Jones
Business Development Manager, S&P Global Platts
Lead Analytical Manager, U.S. Public Finance Infrastructure Group, S&P Global Ratings