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Women's Initiative for Networking and Success: WINS

Since 2004, WINS (Women's Initiative for Networking and Success) has been committed to creating a culture that inspires women to develop their leadership abilities, seize growth opportunities, and increase their knowledge of S&P Global for organizational and personal success.

With an ever-expanding network of regional chapters, WINS leaders around the world implement workshops and webinars that provide women at S&P Global with the skills they need to advance and grow.  This programming is built around the company’s “Leadership Essentials”—the set of six core attributes that define our leadership strategy. WINS has flagship offerings such as leadership conferences for chapter volunteers at all levels, as well as a highly-anticipated annual event called Follow the Sun, which celebrates the vast global community of WINS members.

To deepen our commitment to advancing women, S&P Global was proud to have sponsored the 2016 McKinsey/Lean In “Gender in the Workplace” research study to benchmark our organization externally.