Empowering women entrepreneurs makes economies thrive.

When women are in business, economies grow. At S&P Global, we tackle the challenges women face in launching and developing their businesses—from gender bias to systemic lack of access to capital—with the same skills and insights that make us effective in delivering essential intelligence to our clients.

The facts:

  • 70% of women-owned small businesses in the developing world lack financing — an estimated $285 billion credit gap.
  • $12 trillion could be added to global growth by 2025 by advancing women’s equality, including economic participation.

Through organizations such as MicroMentor, our highly skilled employees are able to build one-on-one relationships with women entrepreneurs, offering them a vital perspective on business challenges. Sponsoring a Catalyst Fund Award through The Aspen Institute allows us to encourage innovative solutions in data and technology that break down barriers for women seeking capital and resources. We also target specific areas where we can make an impact, such as funding a Women’s World Banking study of how women access and use digital financial services in India.

S&P Global is promoting the flow of resources and capital to enterprises owned and managed by women in three ways:

  • Leveraging our own business capabilities – data, technology and insights.
  • Supporting partners that provide the women-owned small business sector with financial tools that meet the distinct needs of women.
  • Our employees are serving as volunteer mentors to women entrepreneurs.