Women Leaders & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Female leaders at S&P Global share perspectives that fuel their success.

Relationship building. Inspiration. Support network. Facing failure. The long view.

These are essential elements of the entrepreneurial spirit, and are often used by successful people to set ideas in motion and to grow and develop—both personally and professionally. Here, five S&P Global female leaders discuss their journeys to success, lessons they’ve learned along the way, and how they embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.


Managing Director, APAC Head of Global Research & Design, S&P Dow Jones
Executive VP, Public Affairs, S&P Global
Executive Managing Director, Risk Services, S&P Global Market
MD and Head of Product Management, S&P Dow Jones
VP Metals, Agriculture, APAC Head of Content, S&P Global Platts

Adding More Women To The U.S. Workforce Could Send Global Stock Markets Soaring

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

When women are in business, economies grow.

At S&P Global, we tackle the challenges women face in launching and developing their businesses—from gender bias to systemic lack of access to capital—with the same skills and insights that make us effective in delivering essential intelligence to our clients.

We promote the flow of resources and capital to enterprises owned and managed by women in three ways:

  • Leveraging our own unique business capabilities—data, technology, and insights.
  • Supporting partners that provide the women-owned small business sector with financial tools that meet the distinct needs of women.
  • Sharing our collective knowledge and experience with women entrepreneurs through employee-led mentorships.