S&P Global Ventures

The goal of S&P Global Ventures is to identify the people, technologies and business models that are driving changes in the S&P Global ecosystem, and to invest in key areas of interest for strategic exploration.

These include:

Artificial Intelligence - Machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, robo-scoring, and intelligent search and scraping.

Big Data - Data automation, unstructured / small and medium enterprises / private company data, and alternative data (e.g. satellite, sensor-based, crowd sourced, etc.)

Distributed Ledger - Blockchain and smart contracts.

Risk Management - Enterprise, credit, market, liquidity, operational, and cybersecurity risk assessment and analytics.

Supply Chain - Solutions designed to enhance transparency and visibility in the global supply chain.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - Data, content, analytics, and indices designed to help investors effectively integrate ESG into their investment strategy and process.

Investment Stage:

Early- to growth-stage

Regional Focus:

Primary focus on North America, Europe and Asia with interest in other regions around the globe.

Target Ownership:

Minority stake with Board or Board Observer seat(s) when appropriate.

Investment Size:

Up to $10M based on investment stage with flexibility to invest more.

Partners We Are Looking For

- Passionate entrepreneurs who target a customer pain point with a novel approach and proprietary, differentiated capabilities.

- Early-stage companies with well-defined products and target customers that overlap or are adjacent to our own (asset managers, investment and commercial banks, insurers, corporates, exchanges, traders and issuers).

How We Work With Our Partners

- Engage with S&P Global division(s) to explore collaboration opportunities.

- Provide deep domain expertise to support our partners in achieving their vision.

- Provide access to our data and/or commercial capabilities depending on the relationship.

- Explore follow-on investments to help them grow and scale.

Our Current Partners

Provider of next-generation analytics, machine learning and data visualization systems for Wall Street’s premier Global banks and investment institutions; investment and business partnership in 2017 evolved to an acquisition that closed in April 2018.

Bond information network that harnesses data to improve financial trading decisions via greater transparency and artificial intelligence-powered trade facilitation.

Analytics-as-a-service company that leverages its experience with a unique form of satellite imagery (Synthetic Aperture Radar, or SAR).

Our Venture Capital Partners