Ratings issued on 125+ countries


Approximately 1,400 credit analysts worldwide


More than 1 million credit ratings outstanding


Par value of outstanding ratings

We’re the world’s leading provider of credit ratings; our credit risk analyses, research and insights support the growth of transparent, liquid debt markets worldwide.

  • Credit Ratings

    We have more than 1 million credit ratings outstanding on entities and securities across a wide range of sectors. Our ratings are our opinions about issuers’ capacity and willingness to meet their financial obligations in full and on time.

  • Beyond Ratings

    We provide other types of analyses and assessments that give our views of creditworthiness, which can be useful data points when planning acquisitions or other strategic initiatives.

  • Analytics and Models

    Our analytics look at sectors and situations ranging from sensitivity to changing market conditions, to recovery prospects if a default occurs. We also offer models created by our ratings analysts.

  • Thought Leadership

    Our analysts and economists assess the factors and trends that affect creditworthiness around the world. We have frequent dialogues with issuers, investors and intermediaries, and with leading industry and market participants.

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Ratings Events

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May 2017
As we publish the details for our new Green Evaluation, senior S&P Global Ratings analysts will discuss insight and latest opinions on the Green Finance market.
Apr 2017
In this webcast replay, we provide an update on Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek banking systems.
Dec 2016
John Chambers (Global Sector Leader, Sovereigns & Supranationals) and Moritz Kraemer (Global Chief Sovereign Rating Officer) discuss the outlook for sovereign ratings in 2017, in this on-demand webinar.