For over two decades, our sustainability indices have helped make real progress possible, offering market participants flexible solutions that reflect convictions, align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and incorporate other global and regional standards. Driven by datasets that help mitigate physical, climate, social and governance risks, our index solutions range from broad-market ESG, net zero, and low-carbon climate approaches across asset classes to thematic strategies, including those targeting hydrogen and clean energy.

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Our Sustainability Solutions

  • Sustainability Indices

    Strategies focused on environmental, social and governance risk, opportunity and impact, including broad-market indices that maintain benchmark-like industry group weights while excluding companies that don’t meet sustainability criteria.

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  • Climate Indices

    Strategies designed to align with climate regulations and objectives, including net zero, low carbon and fossil-fuel-free approaches.

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  • Fixed Income Sustainability Indices

    Strategies focusing on bonds created to finance qualifying investments that generate measurable societal and/or environmental benefits.

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  • Thematic Sustainability Indices

    Strategies designed to target specialized areas including clean energy, natural resources, green real estate and more.

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  • Custom Sustainability Indices

    Leveraging our extensive indexing expertise and comprehensive data solutions, customized sustainability indices can help address client-defined specific objectives and get ahead of emerging sustainability trends.

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  • Actionable insights

    Actionable insights

    Our indices incorporate corporate engagement and serve as tools to assess risk, align with regulations and accelerate progress.

  • World-renowned data and analytics

    World-renowned data and analytics

    Reaching beyond information that’s readily available, our analytics capture unparalleled granularity, with up to 1,000 underlying data points per company, and cover 10,000 companies worldwide—or 99% of global market capitalization.

  • Transparency


    Our indices are driven by transparent, rules-based methodologies that incorporate data from S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment, shedding light on how sustainable companies’ business practices are.

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