A complimentary webinar for financial advisers

Accepted for CFA® and CFP®credit

In the midst of the market turmoil caused by COVID-19, many advisers are making tough decisions about where to reallocate assets, often choosing from a set of active funds. But just how difficult is it to choose an active fund that outperforms its benchmark? How do market conditions, business cycles, market caps, and investment styles affect fund performance? And when reviewing investment objectives with clients in a volatile market, how can advisors make use of the tools and analysis available to them?

Priscilla Luk, author of the S&P Indices vs. Active (SPIVA®) Scorecard, and David Haintz, Principal at Global Adviser Alpha, will help answer these questions and discuss:

  • How Australian active funds have fared against their comparable benchmark indices over short- and long-term horizons
  • How financial advisors can use SPIVA results to understand active vs. passive performance in bull and bear markets
  • How recent market volatility could present financial planning opportunities that may not be readily apparent mid-crisis