3rd Annual Chile Indexing & ETF Masterclass

Index-based investing continues to stand out across the globe . As the pace of passive investing continues to gain momentum in Chilean markets, how can investors reap the benefits of these low-cost and nimble strategies that run the gamut from headline index exposure to liquid small caps & sector tactics to up and coming ESG objectives?

Join S&P DJI and Bolsa de Santiago as we bring together renowned local and international practitioners to explore:

  • How investors can capitalize on a range of ETF opportunities both at home and abroad
  • Current challenges facing foreign investors and how to attract foreign investment
  • Benefits of liquid small-cap strategies that may be unseen
  • ESG’s growing appeal and opportunities at home and around the world
  • Whether the future of ETF development in Asia will depend upon product innovations and cross border trading

Featured Speakers

José Antonio Martínez, Santiago Stock Exchange

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Andrés Araya Falcone, Santiago Stock Exchange

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Mauricio Pérez, BlackRock

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Sebastián Figueroa, BlackRock Chile

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Andrés Cáceres Guerrero, BCI Corredor de Bolsa

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