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Talking Points: Capturing the Growth of the Australian Technology Industry

The new S&P/ASX All Technology Index highlights a unique and innovative segment of the Australian market. 

1. Why is this index being introduced now? 

In recent years, ASX-listed technology companies have experienced substantial growth in terms of both number of companies and market capitalization. In the past five years, the number of S&P/ASX All Technology Index constituents nearly doubled from 24 to 46, while the total market capitalization of these companies increased more than fourfold from AUD 17 billion to nearly AUD 92 billion. 

In a market heavily concentrated in banks and natural resource companies, there is significant demand for an index that captures the Australian technology sector in a comprehensive yet precise way. Importantly, the technology segment measures a unique, innovative part of the market that remains a small portion of the broader Australian share universe. We also expect the index to increase the visibility of technology-related businesses listed on the ASX, which should support further growth of the sector over time. 

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