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New Issue: Finance Ireland RMBS No. 6 DAC

Finance Ireland RMBS No. 6 DAC is a static RMBS transaction that securitizes a portfolio of €240.85 million owner-occupied mortgage loans secured on properties in Ireland. This transaction is similar to its predecessor, Finance Ireland RMBS No. 5 DAC. The loans in the pool were originated between 2016 and 2023 by Finance Ireland Credit Solutions DAC (Finance Ireland) and Pepper Finance Corp. (Ireland) DAC (Pepper). Finance Ireland is a nonbank specialist lender, which purchased Pepper's residential mortgage business in 2018. The pool comprises warehoused loans newly originated by Finance Ireland (41.76%) and loans that were previously a part of the Finance Ireland RMBS No. 2 DAC transaction (58.24%). The collateral comprises prime borrowers, and there is a high exposure to