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Presale: Swiss Credit Card Issuance 2023-1 AG

Swiss Credit Card Issuance (SCCI) is a socialized master trust that issues notes in separate series, commonly referred to as a linked structure. The issuer is bankruptcy remote under Swiss securitization law. Swiss Credit Card Issuance 2023-1 AG is the 11th issuance of this master trust platform. At closing, Swiss Credit Card Issuance 2023-1 AG will issue the series 2023-1 notes, comprising class A, B, and C Swiss franc-denominated notes. The issuer will use the issuance proceeds to acquire a secured limited-recourse note, entitling the issuer to a share of the proceeds from receivables held by the Swiss-based asset special-purpose entity (SPE; Swiss Payments Assets Ltd.) along with any investment proceeds on the amounts held in its accounts.