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Green Transaction Evaluation: 1867–NELSUN21 LLC's $6.13 Million Solar Tax Equity Fund

1867 – NELSUN21 LLC is a newly organized entity formed to invest in entities that plan to develop, construct, own, and maintain solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and sell solar power generated electricity to third-party customers and local utilities. The $6.13 million 1867 – NELSUN21 solar tax equity fund has been issued to fund two solar PV projects in Colorado. A subsidiary of 1867 – NELSUN21 will hold companies that will own the assets and operate the projects. Following 1867 – NELSUN21’s investment, it will receive 99% ownership of the projects and receive an allocation of profit and loss and IRC Section 48 Investment Tax Credits generated by the projects. These investments provide a federal income tax credit that is a percentage of the eligible project cost.