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Presale: Driven Brands Funding LLC/Driven Brands Canada Funding Corp. (Series 2020-2)

Driven Brands Funding LLC's (Driven Brands, or the issuer) and Driven Brands Canada Funding Corp.'s (Canadian co-issuer) series 2020-2 issuance is a $450.0 million corporate securitization of the Driven Brands Inc. (Driven) business out of its existing securitization vehicle from 2015. The main brands backing this securitization, as of the series 2020-2 transaction closing, will be Maaco, Meineke, 1 800 Radiator & A/C, CARSTAR, Take 5, ABRA, and, most recently, Uniban, P.H. Vitres d'Autos, and Fix Auto USA.