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S&P Global Ratings Market Outreach practice is a dedicated global team of 25 executives who engage with large buy-side investors on a daily basis.

The Market Outreach team focuses on engagement, promoting analytical transparency and building investor relationships. On this page you will find summaries of our content, outreach and relevant research pieces.

Jonathan Manley - Managing Director, Global Head of Market Outreach

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"The ESG Evaluation is thoughtful, data-driven yet embedded in a strong and deep understanding of the credit. It’s very powerful to highlight this has been drafted from the standpoint of an analyst who has had access to management and knows the business. The consideration of Preparedness is key because it helps us understand how the bank is prepared to bridge a transition to 2030 to 2040 to 2050."- Michael Eberhardt, Managing Director, Blackrock

"Your reports bring in that sector and strategy aspect. The way you bucket stakeholder materiality under ESG really lines up with what stakeholders consider as material and important"- Rahki Kumar, Senior VP, Liberty Mutual Insurance

"The Preparedness Opinion is particularly relevant to my risk lens. It builds on understanding the nexus between the organizational awareness journey of a company, its impact on culture and how it translates into what I call coherent, repeatable and verifiable processes. That is ultimately sustainable decision-making." -Alessia Falsarone, MD, Head of Sustainable Investing, Pinebridge Investments

"The ING ESG Evaluation is definitely a welcome development – ideally we’d like to see most banks covered that already have an S&P rating." Satish Pulle, Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo Asset Management

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