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Webcast Replay: Global Credit Conditions - July 2019 Update

July 2, 2019
On Demand
1 hour

Global Credit Conditions: July 2019 Update

S&P Global Ratings analysts held a webcast on Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, where we shared our outlook for credit conditions in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. 

S&P Global Ratings' Credit Conditions Committees meet quarterly to look at potential credit risks for borrowers emerging from imbalances and vulnerabilities in the global economy and financial markets. This quarter, the committees focus edon the implications of the pause in financial tightening by authorities in, and slowdown in economic growth of, the major economies.

Speakers included:
  • Alexandra Dimitrijevic, Global Head of Analytics & Research
  • David Tesher, North American Credit Conditions Committee Chair
  • José Pérez-Gorospe, Latin America Credit Conditions Committee Chair
  • Paul Gruenwald, Managing Director, Global Chief Economist
  • Shaun Roache, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Chief Economist

Moderated by:

  • Paul Watters, EMEA Credit Conditions Committee Chair
  • Terry Chan, Asia-Pacific Credit Conditions Committee Chair
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