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S&P Global Ratings Webinar Replay: U.S. CLOs, Corporate Loans and COVID-19

June 3, 2020 10:00am EDT
On Demand
1 hour

S&P Global Ratings Webinar Replay: U.S. CLOs, Corporate Loans and COVID-19

The current economic downturn appears sharper and more severe than the 2008-2009 recession, and this has been reflected in the pace of rating actions on the speculative-grade loan issuers in CLO collateral pools. Our senior analysts from S&P Global Ratings' Corporate Ratings and CLO teams held a webinar on June 3rd where they discussed topics including: 
• Where is S&P with Rating Actions on Corporate Loan Issuers? 
Ramki Muthukrishnan, Analytical Manager, Leveraged Finance
Robert Schulz, Sector Lead, Leveraged Finance
• Corporate Sector Review: Software Companies
David Tsui, Sector Lead, Corporate Ratings (Software & Technology)
• BSL CLO Transactions: Tracking the Changes
Jimmy Kobylinski, Analytical Manager, U.S. CLO Team
Daniel Hu, Analyst, U.S. CLO Team
• How will CLO Structures and Indentures Change After COVID-19?
Sandeep Chana, Analyst, European CLO Team
Jeff Burton, Analyst, U.S. CLO Team
Steve Anderberg, Sector Lead, CLOs

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