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Rising Downside Risks For Malaysian Banks

Recorded on Wednesday, September 29, 2021
On Demand
66 minutes

Rising Downside Risks For Malaysian Banks

S&P Global Ratings analysts from the Economists, Financial Services and Sovereign & International Public Finance teams held a live interactive webinar on Wednesday, September 29, where they provided their views on the rationale behind recent revisions of Malaysian banking industry assessment and the latest economic/sovereign risk updates for the country. 

Key discussion points included:
• Why we believe the downside risks for Malaysian banking sector are on the rise
• What are the downside rating triggers of rated Malaysian banks?
• Recovery prospects for the Malaysian economy in 2022
• Our latest view on Malaysian sovereign rating

Nancy Duan, Associate Director, Financial Institutions Ratings, SSEA
Nikita Anand, Associate Director, Financial Institutions Ratings, SSEA
YeeFarn Phua, Director, Sovereign & International Public Finance Ratings
Vishrut Rana, Economist, Asia-Pacific
Moderator: Philip Chung, Senior Director & Analytical Manager, Sovereign, IPF and Financial Services Ratings, Asia-Pacific

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