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Friday Credit Focus: 2023 Global Outlooks And Hot Topics For Ratings

Friday, January 27, 2023
On Demand
1 hour

In this webinar replay, S&P Global Ratings' analytical leaders and our global chief economist will discuss the outlook in key asset classes including Sovereigns, Corporates and global Structured Finance. Key topics included the debt ceiling in the U.S., top trends across all corporate sectors, and a view on Structured Finance asset classes to watch.
Key discussion points included:


The global outlook for sovereign debt across developed and emerging markets

The debt ceiling situation in the U.S.

The 2023 Global Aging Report

China's reopening and the impact on global growth and inflation

Common themes emerging from our Industry Top Trends reports

The outlook for Structured Finance and sectors to watch



Speakers will include:


Olga Kalinina
Global Head of Analytical Governance





Roberto Sifon-Arevalo
Chief Analytical Officer, Sovereigns and International Public Finance





Paul Gruenwald
Global Chief Economist





Gareth Williams
Global Head of Research, Corporate Ratings





Winston Chang
Chief Analytical Officer, Structured Finance

This webinar was part of our Friday Credit Focus webinar series, designed to provide you with regular updates on credit risk and ratings across asset classes. We define the agenda and speakers for each episode based on market events, notable rating actions, and questions we receive from market participants.

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