Platts Gas Supply and Demand Fundamentals

The natural gas market changes on a daily basis. In order to keep up, you need the data and analysis that provides comprehensive detail into the fundamentals of supply and demand. Platts Gas Supply and Demand Fundamentals package provides daily updates with detailed views into the key components of demand, plus the renowned reports that track storage and give the Platts Storage estimate two days before the EIA announcement.


Platts Supply/Demand Report
  • Supply/Demand Balance History

Platts Daily Storage Range
  • Daily Storage History

Platts Weekly Storage Report
  • Weekly Storage History
  • Storage Five Regions Associated Market Model

Platts Industrial End Users
  • Industrial End Users History
  • Industrial End Users Associated Market Model
  • Industrial End Users Associated Market Model History
  • Industrial End Users Expansions Tracker

Platts Power Burn Report
  • Power Burn Associated Market Model
  • Power Burn Associated Market Model History
  • Power Burn Nuke Gas Burn History
  • Power Burn Nuke Outages History

  • Platts Natural Gas Market Recap


  • — Access a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for natural gas including detailed views of power burn, storage and industrial use allowing you to anticipate upcoming trends in the natural gas market
  • — Stay up to date with major events impacting the industry including supporting data and analysis
  • — Act confidently in the constantly changing market with data that is reviewed and verified by a team of analysts
  • — Identify emerging trends or market anomalies based on historical patterns with the Platts Supply/Demand History file
  • — Get the support you need to understand the market with unfettered access to the analysts that write these reports


  • — Receive analysis on key events impacting the natural gas market on a day-to-day basis
  • — Access the S&P Global Platts official storage number two days before the EIA release
  • — 14-day U.S. supply and demand forecast that is weather adjusted to stay on top of a constantly volatile market
  • — Detailed analysis dedicated to the key components of demand including power burn and industrial use
  • — View detailed storage data, including the upcoming three weeks of U.S. implied injections/withdrawals and regional storage information
  • — Data and analysis on the use of alternative fuels like wind energy and nuclear power for power generation